Meet the Designer:

     Alberto Sainz de la Peña

Alberto is a 5th year Industrial Design student at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Alberto has extensive experience in mechanical design and manufacturing, having served as a project manager and mechanical mentor for the Georgia Tech RoboJackets. Alberto spent the first 3 years of his Georgia Tech career as a mechanical engineering major, where he developed a diverse project portfolio. He has completed projects ranging from ornate wooden structures for his Church, to a full-size, aluminum replica of the Captain America shield, to flame-throwing robots and fully-autonomous racecars.

In addition, Alberto is a prototyping instructor at the Invention Studio @ Georgia Tech, where he teaches members of the GT community how to use different tools of rapid prototyping. These tools include mills, lathes,  laser cutters, 3D printers, and a waterjet cutter. Alberto has served as the Invention Studio's waterjet master for the past 3 years.